Thoughts on AirVape

  • I owned two AirVape X's and then purchased a Legacy. Unfortunately that was misplaced so I'm planning on ordering another (love the green - both the color and eco - options).

    I've tried the Pax 3 and a couple others and I think this is the best product I've used.


    • I would love if y'all could provide a case for these, ideally one that had room for a little container for herb. I've been using one of the hard cases that came with some Costa sunglasses, this was pretty good but something more fitted would be better.
    • Both the little airscreen and the concentrate pad are really hard to remove, I'm having to use so much force I'm afraid I'm going to damage things.
    • Maybe its me, but unless I use a funnel, it's just impossible to get all the herb actually in the chamber, pieces just end up all over the place. If this could have a built in funnel or came with a container that had a little spout or something that would be nice.
    • The water bong attachment is a good idea I think, but it looks as awkward as it feels, difficult to store, transport, use, etc. Doesn't ever feel like it has a good seal even with the rubber mouth piece. I've broken and had to replace one of these, but I just don't use it anymore, not worth the effort.

    Suggestions that are probably not doable:

    • Ridiculous but it would be nice to be able to see the "screen" while vaping.

  • Hi @dylan-m-murphy Thank you so much for your well thought out suggestions! We will send this to our engineering team so they may look into it for product improvements. Thanks again and have a nice day!

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