AirVape X

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    My AirVape X has treated me quite well for the last 1.5 years. It's still rated "Best Portable Vaporizer" by The Wirecutter—I purchased my unit for a nice discount using a Wirecutter promo code.

    It heats up quickly, draws smoothly, and unlike a lot of other vapes, it can be used while it's charging. I appreciate the wide range of available temperatures for customizable sessions. It requires fairly frequent cleaning to maintain a smooth draw, but it's easy enough to take apart and put back together. Visually, it's sleek, durable, and combines form with functionality.

    The downside is that over time, the buttons have become less functional—the power button no longer clicks when pressed, and when the unit is hot, all the buttons stop working altogether (I have to wait for the unit to cool down before the buttons work again). Based on other reviews on this page, it sounds like this is a common issue, perhaps caused by the battery swelling over time.

    That said, I'd still buy it again—it's lasted longer than my Pax 2 and is definitely a superior product. A few of my friends liked using my AirVape X so much that they went ahead and purchased their own! Currently torn between buying another X or upgrading to the Legacy, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

  • I really enjoy my Airvape X also. I guess one of my only complaints is that the battery just doesn't last as long as I'd like. So I have to charge it often. That's why I think I am going to upgrade to the Legacy with wireless charging.

  • I have been using this model since 2018 when i first bought it and it is an incredible piece. I use it every day and the battery is still going on between 4 or 5 sessions. The rubber mouthpiece is the only "but" that i find because it got loose and now it is difficult to set the mouthpiece into the vape. I diffenetly recommend it Happy#AirVaping

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