Airvape X review

  • I've had my Airvape X for 18 months now. For 16 of those months, it's been a fantastic vaporizer for daily use and travel. The temperature control is great, and I love the magnetic top and how's easy it is to clean and take apart. My only complaint is the battery life. At first it could handle about 3-4 three minute cycles on a single charge at 360 degrees. At the 16 month mark, it started getting only 3 cycles. In the last 4 weeks, it dropped dramatically, barely making it through a single cycle. It still works great plugged in, but I can't take it out of the house anymore with such a short life. A removable battery would make it near perfect. Still, on the strength off my experience, I'm tempted to try the legacy model because otherwise it's been a great tool.

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