Airvape X new user

  • I just started with medical marijuana a year ago. And I started with the basics for pain. But I wasn't getting the relief I needed so I started researching portable vaporizers for new users. And the Airvape Xs came with good remarks and also the Airvape X. I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I didn't want something cheap either. So I took a chance on the Airvape X.

    The build is great. The smooth aluminum case and easy to read display looks minimal in design but packed with power. This is my one and only vaporizer so I don't know how the battery life ranks. I usually get 5-6 sessions out of a single charge. The ceramic oven is easy to keep clean and is large enough to hold of your favorite herb. You also have the ability to use concentrates with the Airvape X when you use the concentration screen. The mouthpiece is easy to clean and service. And the airtight case is a nice addition also.

    I can say I am happy with my purchase and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek portable vaporizer that is easy to use.