Legacy - Very Little Vapor

  • So I got my Legacy yesterday, and everything about it looks really nice. My only issue is that it produces next to zero vapor to the point that I wonder how much of a hit I'm really getting (I've watched just about every review on YouTube and they all get what seems to be a normal amount). I pack the bowl to the rim loosely, let it hit temp and sit for at least 30 seconds, and try to take slow hits for at least 10 seconds. I admit that this is my first dry herb, so is there something that I'm missing? I do get something out of it after a few tokes, but even after the 20ish minutes it seems sort of subtle. I also have tried two different strains with the same effect; a very wispy/hardly noticeable amount of vapor. Lastly, I have also played around with temp starting at 375, and going up to 415 with little to no improvement. Sorry for the wall of text, thanks for any time you spend reading this.

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