Continuing problem with start button

  • After about a year of use, I am finding that the start button of the Airvape stops working, and it is not possible to turn the Airvape X on or off. I have had two of these fail so far, and am working on the third Airvape X. I contacted customer support, and asked them to repair by Airvape X under warranty, and was told the start button was a wear item. I was offered a 50% discount on a new Airvape X, but I do not think this is an acceptable resolution. From other internet posts, including on this forum, I am alone with this issue. Airvape...stand behind your product!

  • Had the same problem after 2+ years of usage, hopefully it's fixed with the newest model

  • After two years of use, I'm having the same issue. Some days it will work and sometimes not. The button doesn't seem to depress at all.

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