• FIRST TIME VAPE EVER and it was dry herb! this is amazing. I have the airvape X

  • Hello, my name is Dean and I need help from more experienced students. This is my first year at college and I am in an emergency. Before I can decide what to do, I must know if is legit. Thank you so much for your assistance!

  • @jdc414, just getting into it myself! Got mine this past Thursday. Been messing with different temps, grind texture and chamber packing. Still trying to find my own "sweet spot" on the AirVape X.

    I'm a flower veteran from the '70s and was pretty much a roll-yer-own kinda guy until I started with edibles. Added a vape stick to that and then discovered vaping flower.

    So, did you manage to hit your preferred settings right outta the gate or have you experimented, failed, adjusted and corrected as you tinkered? The sooner we newbies get this sorted out, the quicker we can get to doing what we want to do with all this hi-tech gear.