Scott A. about AirVape OM|Full ceramic atomizer
 “accepts a 510 cartridge easily”

  • Scott A.

    I really like it. The bottom is not a lighted ring, it is three holes in a silver ring that displays the temp setting. It works really good for dabs, and it accepts a 510 cartridge easily. 
The only thing that could be improved is the covers. I ordered the OM and two 510 cartridges (one short, one long). The covers do not cover the Airvape 510's. Nor the Rove 510's nor the cheapy 510's I get from the vape store. The interior of the covers stops the cover from sliding all the way down to the threads. If you guys could improve the covers AND make your 510's with black tips, it would be close to perfect. White tips are too conspicuous. Even silver would be better than white. 
One final note, although the charge will not last all day (medium usage on Red lasts 6 hours or so), it recharges very quickly. I've recharged from 0 - 100% in as little as 70 minutes. I think that's awesome. So if you use it frequently, it would be worth your while to order a couple of them. One to charge, one to use. I'll be ordering my second OM shortly.

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